Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week 33: Oliver from Baby TV

Oliver takes viewers to familiar environments to introduce first basic concepts.
Oliver is curious and adventurous, wants to try everything, climb on everything, taste everything and experience everything. Through Oliver’s cheeky personality the program introduces basic concepts like shapes, colours, sizes and quantities by showing the same concept in many different environments and ways.

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Learning Moment 1
Items: Basin and a small toy car
Activity: Race the toy car in the basin as as as you can; by circling it.
Activity: Hide the toy car and cover it with the basin, play peek-a-boo (Encourage kid to find it.)
Activity: Use five basins and lay them upside down in a trail. Help kid to step on each one.

Learning Moment 2
Items: Tissue container (toilet roll kind), scarf, sarong wrap
Activity: Place scarf/s in the container with a little tip extended out. (Encourage kid to pull.)
Activity: Use pencils or pick-up sticks or straws and help kid to slot them into the container.
Activity: You can even roll the container to the kid, to an fro!
Activity: Play 'parachute'! Use the sarong wrap and hold all corners above the baby who is placed at the centre. Wave-like movement; up and down or circling (by passing edges to next partner.

Tissue container with scarfs inside and sarong wrap

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