Saturday, August 16, 2008

Babies 'TALK'!

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Babies express themselves as early as 6 months. Today Kayden stretches out his arms upwards to depict 'carry'! He did that to his daddy, po-po and me!!!! Ooooooh, he's learning! Previously I have heard about sign languages for babies:

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• talk sooner and have larger vocabularies
• have stronger parent/child bonds
• have less frustration, crying and tantrums
• show more interest in books
• engage in more sophisticated play
• have increased IQ scores

Some children learn to sign as early as 7 or 8 months – much earlier than a typical baby learns to talk!

• Babies who can communicate through sign are often much happier babies and toddlers which translates into a happier YOU!
• Babies who can sign have shown less frustration and have fewer tantrums overall, since they can usually communicate their needs better.

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