Friday, August 15, 2008

I Won A Combi Coccoro Worth $339!!!

I was so thrilled. Because I found out that I had won a Combi Coccoro (worth $339) when I was browsing the Aug/Sep LiveWell Baby!!!!!

I wrote in Jun/Jul LiveWell Baby:

Dear Editor of LiveWell

Kayden 6 months old and he loves Combi! He has Combi Well Comfort stroller and Combi infant shoes (both in orange!). Thus, it will be a perfect match with Combi Coccoro car seat which has always been on my wish list - love at first sight - cherry colours and comfy angle. I always trust Combi. As a matter of fact, poor Kayden has not been out travelling in a car! Because I always believe that the one most important thing I can do to keep my child safe in the car is to use a car seat when travelling.

With the number of accidents increasing over the years,we as parents should do give the maximum protection to our children. Do not take a safe journey for granted. Accidents can happen anytime, even on the shortest trips. Don't take chances. Keep our children safe.

PS: Goo... goo... can Kayden choose the orange one if this letter is selected.... gooo...gooo.....


Patricea Chow-Capodieci said...

Congratulations! Now you need to put Kayden in the seat, take a photo and send it to them to win something else! :p

Pauliney said...

Oh yeah! Say for photo contests in magazines like Baby Stars! Then will continue to win more vouchers!