Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kayden's Meal Menu

Time flies.... Kady is no longer having those 2 hourly or 3 hourly or 3.5 hourly or 4 hourly total milk feed. Those days he was having 7 to 8 milk feeds a day and now > 3-4 milk feeds a day! It was substituted with cereal for breakfast and porridge for lunch.

0630hrs: 180ml milk (EnfaPro)
0800hrs: 2 scoops cereal (Nestle Gold - Wheat with Oat & Prune) with 60ml milk (EnfaPro)
0900hrs: 120ml milk
1200hrs: one small bowl of porridge + fruit pureen
1600hrs: 180ml milk(EnfaPro)
2030hrs: 210ml milk EnfaPro)

* H20 consumption about 120ml on weekday + fruit juice (Heinz and Gerber)
* H20/ Barley consumption anout 240ml on weekend

So far he has tasted:
• Brocoli
• carrot
• Cauliflower
• Sweet Potato
• Toufu

Guess chicken meat is coming up next. I will keep he away from fish and pumpkin as Dr. Oh feels that these food has higher allergy risk. (Kady has slight encezma and sensitive skin; thus we intro these last on the list......)

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