Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kindermusik - Village Theme: Do-Si-Do

Kindermusik - Village Theme: Do-Si-Do

Do-Si-Do simulates a wonderfully unique experience of rhythm and movement. Movement highlights include a Virginia Reel, a combination Tango, Cha-Cha and a "move-to-it" poem.

This series of Kindermusik has completed. Kayden loves it and I do too! I have been "Bom ba ba, bom ba ba, tango-cha-cha. One two three, waltz with me. Bom ba ba ba....."

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dosado (also written do-sa-do) or Dos-a-dos (also written dos a dos) or do-si-do (also written do si do) is a basic dance step in such dances as square dance, contra dance, polka, various historical dances, and some reels.
The term is a corruption of the original French term dos-à-dos for the dance move, which means "back to back", as opposed to "vis-à-vis" which means "face to face". It is probably the most well-known call in square dancing aside from, perhaps, the "Promenade" or the "Right and Left Grand".

Age Range - newborn to 18 months.
Semester - 8 units, each 8 weeks
Class Length - 45 minutes
Focus: Nurture the bond between parent and child.
Curriculum Content: Village engages all of your baby's senses through a unique blend of multi-level activities which include creative movement, vocal play, object and instrument exploration, and reading literature books, which aid the baby's visual tracking and language development.

More details of the entire Village 8 Unit Themes -

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