Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kindermusik - Village Theme: Zoom Buggy! (Classroom)

It's another Thursday afternoon with Kady for Kindermusik. Started with 'WELCOME SUNSHINE'; they sing hello to everyone. Then we refreshed last week's '#6 THE TRAIN COMES UP THE TRACK' with babies on our knees moving up and down. (Last week, they also 'ran' round the chimney and at times stay still as chimney using the song 'ROUND & ROUND')

Today, we were introduced with more 'toot-toot-train'! "Woo..wooo... chagga chagga... woo....woo..." Together with the Kindermusik teacher, we sang a two-part round song. And babies - Kayden, Waverly, Vera and Daniyal - discovered the different feeling between moving forward and backwards! They chuckled when 'train' moves forward but they were in silence, with puzzled faces when the 'train' moved backwards! They used the song 'SONG OF THE TRAIN'. Winding down with 'RIDING IN THE BUDDY', babies swayed and up and down and bounced on my knees and laps.

Kindermusik is fun!

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