Friday, August 29, 2008

Kindermusik - Village Theme: Zoom Buggy! (Home Activities)

Apart from the Kindermusik in class, we also do Kindermusik home activities over weekend with Kady. Usually after his breakfast, I started off with the few songs whereby I sang then held him into actions, he just enjoyed and chuckled all the way. I bet he still remembered those actions and songs he did in school.

Today I also finally get a chance to read through the ZOOM BUGGY Baby's Home Journal and discovered a few fun activities:

Art Games
Make use of the art banner enclosed. Hang on the wall for him to familiarise. Later stage, cut them up as individual cards to play 'Find The Picture' game with baby.

Sweet Scents
Using washcloths and liquid scents, pass it under baby's nose, to allow baby to discover a variety of scents. Try vanilla, almond, lemon or peppermint extract.

What's That
Take baby for a home tour, with you as his personal tour guide! Allow him to touch some objects, else tell baby what he sees.

Happy Clapping
Rhythm can be experienced in many ways: dance to a tune, play with pots and pans, tapping toes.

Star Light
Make a tent over baby and yourself. A blanket or a large towel can be used to create 'private place' in which to play with light. Shine the light up, flick it on and off, move it side to side. Baby will enjoy the light display!

Pull And Pull Pull And Pull Some More!
Preppare a shoe box by cutting a hole in the lid, stuff scarf tail through the hole, leaving the tip end hanging out. Give baby the end and encourage him/ her to pull. As baby continues to pull, just encourage baby to "Pull, pull, pull. Here it comes! ooooh that's so long!" (I used this method instead: Tissue roll box -

Canoe Song
Sing '# CANOE SONG". Sponges cut into shapes of canoes can be fun bath toys too! (I also used the light soy sauce refill bottle -
My very own squirt fun water gun

We Love To Laugh!
Kisses on tummy, swing in the air. Peek-a-boo behind a door. Use changing words like "huddle-cug" instead of the usual "cuddle-hug". Or do opposite actions like try pulling socks from your hand or gloves from your feet!

Refer to my previous blog for home-kit details -

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