Saturday, August 30, 2008

LeapFrog Supporter

LittleTouch™ LeapPad® Learning System
Appropriate for Ages 6 Months to 3 Years
• 2006 Toys "R" Us, Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids Toy
• 2004 T.O.T.Y Award, Infant/Preschool Category

For demo,

This is my new item for Kady. Discovered that he likes to hold a book and flip. Early learning in every book, on every page, with every touch! With this touch pad, storybooks come alive with the touch of a finger. Designed to keep your child engaged and stimulates development.

Babies grow so quickly, and the LittleTouch LeapPad learning system is designed to grow with them! Each book lets you choose from 3 learning experiences, each designed to keep your child engaged and stimulate development.

Setting 1
Music & Soundscapes

Sparkling musical rhythms and sounds stimulate early brain development. Infants and newborns display a remarkable high receptivity to music. Research has shown that a baby's brain is fully capable of recognizing key, pitch and tempo. That's why Setting 1 provides baby with a way to explore a variety of stimulating sounds, rhythms and music.

Setting 2
Word Play

Short descriptive phrases introduce word-object association and build early language skills. Six to twelve months of age is the prime time for baby to begin to recognize words as part of sentences. Baby begins to babble, and understand the meanings of words. That's why Setting 2 exposes baby to short phrases in the appropriate visual context.

Setting 3
Laugh & Learn

Fun-filled rhymes and early learning interactions develop preschool readiness. Twelve to twenty-four months of age is a period when word comprehension, word production, and grammar skills increase dramatically, and include abstract ideas like shapes, numbers and colours. That's why Setting 3 is filled with rhymes and early learning concepts that build preschool readiness.

What It Teaches
LittleTouch LeapPad books introduce key early learning concepts including problem solving, memory, language, early reading, early maths and creative thinking.

Come to think about it, I am quite a fan of LeapFrog!

Firstly, at RENT-THAT-TOY, I aimed for:
1) LeapFrog - Leapstart - Musical Learning Table
2) LeapFrog - Learn-Around - Playground
but they are not quite the right toys for Kayden therethen.

Then I rented the LeapFrog activity station from RENT-THAT-TOY, which he loves it very very much. Reserved LeapFrog - Learn-Around - Playground already.

And also I have the LeapFrog Baby Counting Pal (perfect gift from Sze Hoon); the perfect pal for learning on the go!
Appropriate for Ages 3 Months to 24 Months

Can I label myself as the LeapFrog supporter? I love their contents too on

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