Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cereal for Goodness

NESTLÉ® GOLD™ Premium Infant Cereal - More info at

One and a half-month back, Kayden started with Dumex rice cereal in school and Nestle rice and brown rice cereal at home. But he gradually "tells" me that he prefers brown rice cereal over rice cereal. hee.. Of course, the brown rice cereal has a stronger taste. Some told me that through brown rice cereal is nutritious but may be 'heaty'. Thus, not suitable for Kayden has he always has constipation issue.

So I found NESTLÉ® GOLD™ Premium Infant Cereal that:
• has been developed with the understanding that a good digestive system has great influence on nutrients absorption.
• comes with the goodness of natural ingredients which are known for their specific nutritional components and enhancing of the body’s natural defences. And I have chosen:

Wheat with Oats & Prunes – Stage 2 (For babies aged 6 – 24 months)

Wheat and oats are good sources of natural fibre. Prunes are filled with good fibre that helps to facilitate bowel movement and relieve constipation.

PS: Have you joined The Nestle Baby Club ( today. Umm..... getting quite a load of information, even though you are not on Nestle products

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