Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Week 36: SmartBaby > What's On at 8-9 months?

I have been working closely with this chart by SmartBaby, Help Your Baby Learn! Chart and glad that Kady has been growing and developing well accordingly!

From SmartBaby, Help Your Baby Learn! Chart:

• ALL GONE! Hide a toy under a blanket, let baby find!
• SHOW ME - Place two toys in front of baby, name them and ask baby to hand you one.
• STACK IT HIGH - Help baby to stack easy objects then knock it down! (That's why I got this - http://jeffpaul-babybabybaby.blogspot.com/2008/08/build-abc-build-blocks.html)

Memory Development
• Able to remember some specific words up to two weeks

• Remembers where a thing is hidden for two to three seconds

Behaviour/ Learning
• Aware of depth perception
• Drinks from a tippy cup
• Begins to intimate actions seen in daily life

Language Development
• Provide baby with practice at telling or 'reading' stories

Social-Emotional Development
• Aware of surroundings;
• Development of 'stranger anxiety'
• Development of 'separation anxiety'
• Interest in social interaction

Motor Skill Development
• Perform pincer grasp (thumb and forefinger)
• Starts to crawl
• Holds large object with both hands

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