Thursday, September 25, 2008


I am going to get used to the term "Hypoallergenic"... A term applied to a preparation in which every possible care has been taken in formulation and production to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions.

And Baby Kady's going to use brands like Balneum, Physiogel, Eucerin or Topicrem.

Poor Kady.... his skin is irritated by eczema, fungus and heat rash! Brought him to see Dr Oh. It was mild state to Dr Oh but it's enough to pain my heart from the patches of redness.

And glad to get some skin applications for remedy.

Calms irritated, itchy and dry skin. Protects from free radicals. Helps the skin's protective barrier.
Thanks to the effectiveness and to the high tolerance of Physiogel A.I cream, the skin finds a feeling of appeasing and comfort as of the first applications.

PS: This cream can apply like cream of day under the make-up and the night for a repair and an intense appeasing!! Only available at clinics.

Caregivers at Kady's infant care also love this cream. And within two days, Kady's skin turns soft and smooth again!

Eucerin Shower Oil -

A gentle replenishing daily Shower Oil for sensitive dry body skin

• pH5 Enzyme preserves skin’s own protection
• With proven Citrate Buffer
• High amount of caring lipids
• Softly foaming
• Extra mild surfactants
• pH skin neutral
• Excellent efficacy and skin tolerability clinically proven – even for pre-damaged skin

Cleanses extra gently with intensive lipid replenishing, preserving skin’s natural defenses.

Balneum Bath Oil
Balneum Bath Oil helps soothe and moisturise dry, itchy skin. It soothes and helps prevent dry skin by retaining the skin's natural moisture. The unique emollient formulation helps keep your skin soft and supple long after a bath. Balneum Bath Oil is suitable for the whole family, including babies. Balneum Bath Oil will gently cleanse your skin so you do not need to use soap. Gently pat skin dry with a towel.


Patricea Chow-Capodieci said...

Hey, Kayden is not the only one with this problem. My friend's son Ethan is one month older than Antonio, Chi mom Oz dad, and he has super duper sensitive skin on the back of his elbows and knees. They have to bath him twice a day, and apply cream too. I will pass her this information.

Btw, you heard of this brand of baby toys: Any good?

Pauliney said...

I have not come across that. But the products seemed pretty creative and unique. They are the distributors of those brands... try google and read about the reviews.