Saturday, September 20, 2008

Next Toy: Learn-Around Playground

I have stopped renting exersaucers for Kady as he cannot be 'contained' anymore! Also, realised that he has no motivation to crawl and stand. And this Learn-Around Playground motivates him to stand!!!!!! Yeah!!!!

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The Learn-Around Playground is the first all-in-one activity center that links physical movements to learning connections as baby grows from sitting and crawling to standing and cruising. There are 45 interactive touch points and two fun learning modes: Learn & Grow and Compose & Play. Just flip the "smart" book page to transform learning activities into musical adventures. Topper for ball drop tube included to prevent small arms from becoming caught. Babies bat, tug and push interactive points to learn about colors, shapes, textures and cause & effect. Toddlers discover and create by playing alphabet, counting, rhyming, opposites and musical games. What it Teaches: * Songs * Shapes * Textures * Colors * Rhyming words

Fisher Price, Baby Gymtastics, Ball Toss

• Sitting babies can score major points just by tossing balls through the hoop as it sways on its roly-poly base
• Music plays, lights dance, and the balls swirl around in the base, ready to toss in again
• When it’s time to crawl, flip the base over so balls can roll away after each basket, encouraging baby to move after them
• Baby can also spin the colorful roller beads or friendly cheetah for even more delightful activities!
• Stimulates senses, enhances learning through discovering about cause & effect and helps develop motor skills

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