Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kady's Brief Updates

What has happened in this one month that kept me away from blogging?

I "Move" Around"
Kady is mobile now! He has finally decided to crawl! Thus, my eyes are always on him and I cannot even blink a second off him! It's time to safe-proof my room. Can't wait to move over to new place so that I can have him crawling freely in his padded room!

I Have Two Teeth!
Finally too his teeth are sprouting!Umm.... he's quite easy when teething; no fever, no loose stool, no mood swing, no drooling of saliva too! I am blessed.

Food Adventure
He has ventured more on fruits with kiwi, avocado and prunes. And pasta! Vegetables-wise, umm... he tried almost all, except corn. But counting the months now, he is ready for corns! I have referenced from

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