Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Home New Room New Corners

I have never realised that Kady actually has lots of stuff despite of his tiny built. And his room must be the first to be setup up among others like living room, kitchen and bedrooms. Poor little one, apart from the change in room environment, he will be adjusting to new infant care too. It's a lot for him to handle. Can you imagine that morning you leave home and evening, you were brought to another room to settle in.... In order to let him have a smooth transition, I have all his familiar bedding, toys and his Popo and Yeeyee that evening.

This is how he looked and behaved after a few minutes of visual exploration outside his bedroom.

This is his play area right outside his bedroom.

And his little playpen where I 'house' him for a while during my household chores moments.

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