Tuesday, December 9, 2008

LV: New Infant Care Centre

It has been a week since Kayden with Learning Vision. He finally settled down.

The first few days... Oh no, I am not able to kiss him goodbye and he cried when I passed him to the caregivers. Whenever he sees me around, he will cry in high tone to wail for mommy. I have to see him sneakily through corners of the panels.

Now, I kiss him goodbye! He will smile. I have also learnt to communicate with the caregivers there - Nurse Rosie, Teacher Sally, Teacher Agnes, Teacher Alice, Teacher Ju, Teacher Karen, Teacher Li - for eleven babies. I have also built some bonding with the new mommies there. Next, caregivers and Kayden need to learn more about each other.

Activity this week: Abstract Art with Marbles
Marbles are dipped into water colours then put into a glass bottle with a sheet of white paper rolled inside. Kady is to shake and roll the bottle to create his masterpiece.

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