Friday, January 16, 2009

At School - Get to Know One Another

It has been almost six weeks Kayden is at Learning Vision. We got used to each other: I got used to the caregivers, they get to know Kady better and he loves them too as the day-to-day companion for daily basic needs and learning through play.

Kady was exposed to many information, activities everyday at the centre; revolving around art, music and people and I love their curriculum. To date, Kady has:
• done masterpiece using marbles and bottles
• done masterpiece using vegetables' stem
• actioned the fish swimming
• done masterpiece using paint bursh
• done masterpiece of CNY - mandarin oranges and flowers

All the masterpieces were displayed in the school's gallery and we only get to keep them when they promote to toddler's class at 18 month.

PS: I am going to ask them to teach Kady 'Gong Xi Gong Xi'; should be in time for Chinese New Year!

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