Friday, February 27, 2009

BabyCare Festival 2009

I took an afternoon leave for BabyCare Festival 2009; making Paula as my companion. It is a very very predictable baby fair; and my objective is to stock up Kady's inventory and lookout for some interesting snacks and sunscreen. Did I meet my KPI (key performance indicators)?

YES! Yesh! Yesh!

My shopping bag:
Nestle Gold (10%)
Mustela Sunscreen: SPF50 - is a hypoallergenic sun protection lotion specially formulated to ensure optimal surface protection
from the sun. (30%)
Combi: Training chopsticks, Fork Spoon Set (30%)
Huggies Little SWimmers (10%)
Little Feet: Sneaker-like, soft, graffitti striking orange design (50%)
Growing Fun: Wooden blocks to chain

Good buy!


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