Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to Add Iron to Your Baby's Diet

By elliesmommy, eHow Member

A lack of iron can cause anemia, which may cause tiredness, pale skin and irritability. Including iron into your baby's diet does not happen accidentally, you should know the facts and purposefully add iron from 6 months to 2 years.

Step 1
After 6 months a baby should have 10 mg of iron in his or her daily diet. The easiest way to add iron is to use a fortified infant cereal. Look at the box and serving suggestion to see how much iron this is adding, depending on how much you give your baby it could be half.

Step 2
Meat is a great source of iron. Most things I have seen recommend introducing meat around 8 months, of course check with your pediatrician to decide for your situation. Lean beef has double the amount of iron as chicken. Fish also has iron if you have decided to introduce that into your baby's diet.

Step 3
Beans and rice also are sources of iron. These are easy to add to many different types of purees.

Step 4

Some vegetables that contain iron = spinach, potato, avocado and broccoli (in order from most to least). Some fruits containing iron are: raisins and apricots. Again, you have to weigh the pros and cons of any food you introduce. I have chosen to hold off on spinach until a year because of issues with toxins. You just have to make a choice for yourself.

Step 5
Finally bread contains iron. This is great to keep in mind especially once they are ready for finger food. I encourage you to write down what you are feeding your baby and look - is there enough iron? Take charge and start your baby on a healthy path!

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