Monday, March 9, 2009

Little Linguist

Came across this piece of news about a Filipino family, illegally residing in Japan for 15 years and their daughter can only converse in Japanese.

That brings me to the thought that environment surrounding the babies, determines their language and language ability. Ordinary, mundane daily interactions is all you need to promote excellent language development! And language we provide for your children is richer than anything that a computer, a DVD or a TV can give to them.

What's the best way to master language: The daily conversation that gives the child motivation and allows time to respond. When they interact with real people, they are motivated to express their needs, thoughts and feelings. Nature has 'prgrammed' us to learn language through social relationships.

Kady just started 'mum-mum' when he was at 10 months. Then comes 'apple', 'na-na' for banana, 'star', 'bus', 'up', 'down'.....

Way to go baby!

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