Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Molar! Ouch!

Kayden and us had a rough time last week. He had soft mashy stool (not his usual lumpy ones) and slight fever and just want to cling on to us like a koala bear. His appetite is fine be it solid or milk but he preferred smooth solid. Then we saw something white on his lower gum, near the molar zone! Ooooh, first molar is out! We understand all his frustrations and crankiness...

Eruption time of deciduous teeth:
• Central Incisor 6-12 months (Oct 2008 at 10 months for Kady)
• Lateral Incisor 9-13 months (Feb 2009 at 14 months for Kady)
• Canine 16-23 months
• First Molar 13-19 months (Apr 2009 at 16 months for Kady)
• Second Molar 23-33 months

Extracted from en/en_adu_01_01_03.html

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