Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ain't Life's Beautiful

Last evening, Weili commented on my 'Froggy Adventure' - she said that new parents like us, not easy to be. It's indeed true that we as new and young parents are on the learning curves of parenthood - diet, health, culture, education, play and etc. Our little ones give us the opportunity to explore further on what we can do ie. herbal soup and its ingredients' properties or somewhat interesting recipes for the toddlers-to-be.

We have to move ahead of their growth in order to be ready for them. They need our love and guidance. You can tell from the peaceful look from their sleep. Ain't that beautiful?

Shirley connected me through Facebook and suprised me with her two little ones - Dylan and Delia. More and more mommies surfacing! And it's indeed tough to catch up with my friends now who are parents. I am sure we have countless experiences, tips, online shopping and etc to share. Josephine, Simon, Albert: I can tell that you are enjoying parenthood too!

Can't imagine a gathering of my friends with their little ones. Ain't that beautiful?

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