Thursday, May 7, 2009

Countdown To 18 Months

It's has been a challenging infant stage. Looking forward to his toddler stage. As in now, he can shook his head to express 'no' and 'don't want'. He can 'tell' me which story book he wants me to read (a) if the desired book is on the table, he will bring to me. (b) if the desired book is on the shelf, he will point and utter some familiar words or we pick till he sit down. He also practise saying 'xie-xie' (thank you in Mandrain) whenever he pass his milk bottle, water bottle or pacifier to us.

Studies shown that by 18 months, a toddler may babble about 20 single words. The tod may give the wrong name to certain things, ie. a cow may be called 'moo-moo' or a sheep may be called 'baa-baa'. Whatever the sound is, it is counted as a word if the tod uses it regularly.

Here's a wrap up of his infant milestones at 17 months:

How many WORDS can Kady pronounce:
1) mum-mum
2) apple
3) banana
4) star
5) ball
6) pa-pa
7) ma-ma
8) po-po
9) fish
10) bubble
11) butterfly
12) elephant
13) teddy bear
14) bye-bye
15) hello
16) bird
17) xie-xie (as in thank you in Mandarin)
18) bao-bao (as in bag in Mandarin)
19) ark-ark (as in duck)
20) moo-moo (as in cow)
21) meow (as in cat as he actions the whiskers)
22) bowl
23) spoon
24) umbrella
25) aeroplane
26) yeh-yeh (as in grandpa)
27) shoe
28) four
29) six
30) nine

How many SIGN LANGUAGES can Kady show:
1) milk
2) change diaper
3) no more
4) cat
5) bye bye
6) kiss-kiss
7) carry me
8) monkey
9) brushing

How many SONGS can Kady express (hum and action):
1) Head, Shouder, Kness and Toes
2) Ring-A-Ring Of Roses
3) Row Row Row The Boat
4) Twinkle Twinke Little Star
5) The Wheels On The Bus (actions of wheels, horn, wipers, babies, mommies, children)
6) Old MacDonald Had A Farm
7) This Old Man
8) Ke Ren Lai (in Mandarin)
9) Ten Little Indian Boys

PS: I am preparing his word cards to start the word programme. Hope it works.

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