Monday, May 18, 2009

Dependence and Independence

I have come to a point of balancing between dependence and independence.

Situation: Walking
He shook away my hands and excited to walk by himself; especially when he saw a long stretch of obstacle-free path. But at times, he raised his hand and indicated us to hold him by his little hand. Other moments, he probably would raised both arms for us to carry him.

Situation: Meal-time
He started to shook his head when coming to midway of meal-time. I thought he had enough but he would throw a bit of tantrum. Then he actually reached out for the spoon and tried to feed himself! When I assisted him, he would retreat by not touching the spoon.

I Feed Myself...

I Feed Myself...Please

He had grown so much, so much. When he was a baby, we take all means to prevent him tumbling. When he is a toddler now, we point the step out to him. We cannot expect our toddlers to remain what he was - a comparatively biddable baby - else is a direct clash.

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