Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"More Outings Mommy!"

17-18 month stage, this is the junction where you upgrade most of his items.

Colette sandals ($13)

Colette shoes ($30)

Colette: Nice design, lightweight, soft and bendable and affordable.

Water bottles ($9 each from Kiddy Palace) & Suctioned Bowl ($10.90 from Kiddy Place)

The suctioned bowl was recommended by Wlee and it was indeed useful! Kady can no longer throw the bowl onto the floor; just stuck on the table-top. He would probably go for his spoons after the boring sessions of stirring at meal-time. I did not use this suctioned bowl to feed yet, just mainly for Kady as a 'plaything' at meal-time. Later stage, Kady will use this suctioned bowl to feed himself as it would not drop off from the table!

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