Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Froggy Adventure

For Kady's eczema and (slight sign) asthma, I just understood that there's another term for eczema in Asia, called "skin asthma." This is an astute observation because so many infants and children with eczema have, or will develop, asthma at some later time. And I had a good read at

I had ventured into some exotic food for Kady, frog meat to start off brewing stock with nan xing, bei xing, wolfberry and red dates and chuan bei.

The end result was tasty and froze the pot of soup. But The process was 'adventurous' as I am a reptile-phobia! I dare not get close to the dead, skinned frogs, not to mention those with eyes popping and starting at me in still position in a box. 3 for $7 as written on the sign and they were the freshly skinned ones. I asked the man for three and to chop into smaller pieces and about to step back more, he pulled out one and raised up high to show me HOW fatty his frog is. Argh! I almost faint seeing the gravity-pulled limbs and headless one! I just instructed him to chop into small pieces for me as I am so afraid to touch it. He laughed.

Goodness! When back home, I realised their little webby feet were not chopped away. I almost faint again and cold sweat seeing frog meat in my sink. I flushed it with powerful water spray and grabbed all into my pot, with half-opened eyes and gloves. They were boiling. The end.

I must ask them to trim off the webby feet the next time.

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