Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome To WordWorld

In WordWorld, words come alive, words save the day, and words become a child’s best friend.

Kady got very excited over that 15-second TV commercial by WordWorld. Indeed it attracted me too and I personally find it very creative and a good way to entice kids to explore and learn more words. The creativity lies in the letter-shaped cartoon characters that morph into words. I like....

Before I could find out more, I grabbed all the six volumes once it reached Singapore. How not to resist a 20% by Popular Bookstore for members. (Toys R Us don't have any special for Star member...)

Where words come alive...

I can even referenced activity ideas from WordWorld's website for Parents & Teachers ( with the DVDs! For example, "Going on an O Hunt"

Ah! Going to be exciting in Kady's learning journey!
"... The findings, which were shared by researchers this month, come from an ongoing study of 798 children attending prekindergarten classes in five states. According to Michael Cohen, one of the study’s principal investigators, the children were randomly assigned to either an experimental group, where they watched the Public-Broadcasting series for 15 minutes a day, or to their regular preschool classes.

Six weeks later, the study found, the gains the program viewers had made in expanding their oral vocabulary skills and in reading and recognizing words significantly outstripped those of their counterparts in regular classes."

Wordword of The Day - SHOE
Literacy Tip: To help your child connect the written word SHOE with its meaning, create a fun shoe WordThing together. Work with your child to write the word SHOE down on a sheet of paper, draw the shape of a shoe around it and color it in to look like a shoe. Cut out the shoe and display it in your home. For a fun addition, add holes to the shoe and tie in shoelaces. Try making fun word things out of other things in your home.

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