Monday, June 22, 2009

The Number Game - The Growing Path

Kady's class teachers were impressed with his ability to recognise numbers1 to 10. Kady's on it. He has gamed it!
(PS: Another toddler did one to twenty! I am contented with Kady....)

How much a toddler can learn and absorb, is dependent on how much we expose to him. We cannot rush them to learn; patience is what we need always. How can Kady do it with his mommy right?! This is my numbers journey:

1) Singing numbers-related songs and playing with finger numbers (from birth)
• "One-two buckle my shoes....."
• "One two three four five, once i caught a fish alive......"
• "One little birdie..... Two little butterfly... Three ittle bummer bee...." (from Leapfrog Baby Counting Pal)

2) Number/ Counting board books (from 14M)
• I often use his little fingers to do the counting. Just 1 to 5.
• Use number board books with big and clear numeric prints.

3) Use MUNCHKIN Bath toy with cut-out numbers that can stick on the wall tiles (from 14M)
• Just 1 to 5 for two weeks
• Follow by introducing 6 to 9

4) DVD Sesame Street - THE GREAT NUMBER GAME (from 15M)
• I sat with him and count as we watched.

5) More importantly, we count whatever we see everyday ie. at home and on the street

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