Friday, September 11, 2009

Counting Games Anytime, Anywhere

Yes, Kayden counts anytime, anywhere. He can walk around the house with a stick and count his knockings on the wall and doors. He will also count the number of colourful IKEA children's hangers when I am packing his laundry.

See, he's doing it again.
My "shopping cart" and he is playing his counting games.

Well,...... before he knows how to count, I have been counting with him before he could blabber. Their result is dependent on us, their parents - how much exposures you are giving him.

PS: One of Kady's classmates grandma was amazed by Kady's linguistic learning whreby Kady could address her as 'Po-po' and also called out his classmate's name. Her grandson was older than Kady but could not say much words. I told Po-po, I speak to Kady the moment he opens his eyes everyday, I talk to him every minute and every second till I am thirsty. I talk to him on the MRT and all the way to school, to and fro. He picks up words and social skills and I often received good compliments from strangers on the train - they smiled and said "Smart boy!" Kady 'entertained' passengers almost everyday too, with his sunshine and rosy smiles.

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