Tuesday, July 20, 2010

[Activity] Words Leading To Literacy

Language arts is not about learning the letters in the alphabet; many make the mistake of relying solely on the alphabet song! When the children recognize the letters in random order, introduce the letter sounds, so that they can use phonics to decode new words, for reading, speaking and writing! This is part of alphabetic code that includes phonological awareness, phonics and spelling, according to Tompkins (2006). Jalongo (2007) defined that language arts is a content area that focuses on developing children's language and literacy skills. The primary components are reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

You must agree with me that language arts are the vehicles of communication by which we live, work, share and build ideas and understandings of the present, reflect on the past, and imagine the future. Young children are also beginning to learn about print and writing and how oral language is reflected in written symbols (drawings). Their literacy skills are promoted and supported through play, reading books, scribbling, back-and-forth communication, and interactions with adults.

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I continued to expose LITERACY to Kady via word game on the wall. He can 'match' the words to the pictures.
Phase 1) Attached string with word tag and picture
Phase 2) Remove string and let your kiddo match accordingly (Remember to use positive reinforcement and tone ie. don't scold or say 'wrong'. Use tactful words as kiddos are still learning ie. "Polar bear is all white and furry; I guess this animal has some black patches. Look for the polar bear again.")

Kady's little achievements and plans ahead:
1) He can recognise words like 'milk' 'apple' 'cat' dog' 'elephant' 'tiger' 'gorilla' 'clap' 'wave' at 24 months.

2) He is starting on Rigby's Level 1 - My Frisbee (learning about book parts, reading directions, and eight words from the book 'it' 'can' 'go' 'to' 'mum' 'dad' 'me' 'the' dog' and BOB Books (http://www.amazon.com/Bob-Books-Set-Beginning-Readers/dp/0439845009).

3) Bought this book with audio CD for him to 'read' on his own. (Biscuit Finds a Friend Book and CD (My First I Can Read)

4) He will continue to appreciate environment prints as they are good teaching aids and exposures! Learning is all around us!

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