Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kayden Grows And Blooms

I am very much tight up with his learning everyday. Yes, everyday...

How much Kayden has grown in his N2 (2011) and K1 (2012) classes? Just like any 4- and 5-year-old kiddo, he plays, he learns about the world around him and everything (survival skill, seeking attention skill, self-help skill, social skill, basic drawing & writing and concept skill and languages skill) at school. Every moment is enriched. I believe in giving lots and lots of opportunities for explorations and exposures. Kayden was enrolled into afternoon enrichment classes (with Learning Horizon)like English Speech & Drama (enhances his natural dramatic performance art skill and linguistic), Mandarin Speech & Drama (cultivates his learning for Mandarin speaking and exposure to Chinese world), Little Einstein (a junior science programme for interesting hands-on and exploratory activities, with small ration), Junior Ballet (more exposures to rhythm and gracefulness and to reinforce discipline and teamwork) and Junior Tennis (exposures to racket sports after all his ball games....) And swimming with Tr. Patrick (private coach) at Orchid Park Condo.

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