Saturday, November 10, 2012

More Magnetic Fun!

I discovered these 'treasures' at Nex KiddyPalace and grabbed all three! Story Maker, Shapes and Kid Genius. Refer to previous purchases on blog -

(1) Story Maker: The magnetic words comes in funny description, in three to four words. They are specially designed to create funny and creative stories! The children will love creating stories, laugh over it and literacy learning takes place where they learn to read more adjectives.

(2) Design Shapes: This magnetic handy pieces come in different colours and shapes for young children to create objects, animals or even a story scene! This set can work well with Story Maker set!

(3) Kid Genius: This magnetic handy word pieces are meant for young vocabulary builder. They are doubled-sided with one common word on one side and a brain-expending word on the other. For example: dog/ canine.

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