Saturday, March 9, 2013

MindChamps - Tune in

Kayden enjoys the hours at MindChamps. It was always fun to prepare things with him, for him to bring to school for Circle Time. He loves birds and there is always his imaginary little yellow bird with him! Over the last two lessons were about birds: Requested to bring in birds' feathers and one fact about owls.

(1) Kayden suggested a build a nest. I was at a loss for a moment. being resourceful and creative, I whipped up a quick concept and he delightedly approved! He picked birds' feathers at void decks (we were lucky!) and a bag of twigs. I have a magical chest with empty containers and some egg shells (perfect!) and we did it.

(2) We opened up the junior fact book and read about owls. He was captivated by the Snowy Owl and that is it! I recalled some pictures of the Snowy Owl at the last Bird Park visit! I searched for youtube short clips of Snowy Owls. He used chalk to doodle a Snowy Owl and pen down two facts! He tried dictation but having low confidence of his spelling. He just needs more exposures, I reckoned.

Kayden was awesomely engaged in all these tune-in home-based activities and always look forward for his Saturday classes.

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