Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Panda Level 1 - Graduated!

Kayden has graduated from Panda Level 1. 
20 weeks had passed on and Kayden made it to the next level. 

We had a fruitful parent-teacher conference with Tr. Sylvester who spot on Kayden's personality and learning style! True educator! In addition, I further appreciate the essence of literacy assessment! There were two children who needed to repeat Panda Level One! I never know that can happen. MindChamps seems pretty strict about it as they based on children's learning milestones of this reading program. There is always a literacy assessment approaching the end of each modules.

Ain't I over the moon for Kayden's effort to move himself up to next level. This chap is learning well. His literacy confidence level also has gone up as Tr. Sylvester feedback! Awesome! Kayden lives up to the essence of MindChamps... a confident and creative learner.

PS: He scored 94% for reading and super awesome for concept of print. I need to work on his dictation and penmanship. For a 5.5yo- I think I am worry-free! This literacy assessment gave me a clear blue print of his area of improvement. 

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