Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sounding | Decoding

We were sitting on the upper deck of the double-deckered Bus Service 88 and this red bus was right in front of us! I played the sounding game with Kayden but he refused at first.

K: Mummy.... I don't know this word!"
M: I thought Tr. Sylvester taught you the /un/ sound?
K: (paused).... /un/ (he sounded 'ang')
M: And letter h /h/?
K: (he sounded /h/ and /un/ and blended /hun/)
K: Hungry!........ go....... where!
M: Ah! The /oo/ word from today's lesson!
K: (sounded /b/ and /ook/) Book! Book a table on the go."
K: on the go?????
M: (laughed)..... on the go means on the move wherever we are.

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