Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Writing & Penmanship

It is never an easy task to get Kayden to write six months ago. He was in K1 (Q4) and I have to admit that I was a little panicky. He don't like to write!!!!! I was just a little panicky and other parents would have already raised red flag!
I used to put on my magical cloak and wand to attract him to do writing tasks. Each task is a precious achievement.

The momentum went on and on, and most of the evenings we will do simple writing activities. Months and months over and he did it! He is receptive to writing because I did not mention the word 'write'. I rephrased "Let's give this a title."/ "Let's start a journal, you can pen down your events. You can always refer to your journal."/ "Make a record."/ "Put in a line, so that others can understand your thought." I realised that I was actually sharing with Kayden the purpose of writing!

For penmanship, I will share with him "Kayden, you have to write properly, so that others can read your handwriting. If they can read what you write, they will understand your idea and thought."

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