Saturday, April 6, 2013

Word Familes Fun!

Making 'Word Familes' becomes a fun concept and spelling becomes a natural thing! I love this product so much. Above all, Kayden learns easily and in a fun way! He feels competent and he gradually becomes confident in spelling and dictation too!

Objective: To increase Kayden's ability to blend, spell and dictate.


  1. Read storybooks with the related blends on the wall chart.
  2. Highlight the words on the wall chart and point to the words in the storybook.


  1. Focus on wall chart. Shuffle the first letter of the blend and make MORE words. 
  2. Describe each word, make sentences verbally. 
  3. Transfer the blends (e.g.. /at/ /un/ /ill/ /ake/) onto the page.
  1. Make a little presentation of his task and allow your child to be the 'TEACHER'!

* For new cycle of blends..... revise the previous cycle with stories and let your child shuffle the beginning letters before you remove. But in new cycle of words and prepare other respective storybooks.

Item: Pocket Cards Sets and pocket wall chart
Price: $25.00 each (approx.)
From Growing Fun

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