Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pretend-play – Another one.... “Office set”!

I chanced upon this pretend play set on the web ( which has the theme of the office! Isn't that unique and why didn't I think of that? Commonly pretend-play sets are kitchen, doctor and pirate sets.

I have a new task list on Kayden's learning – To setup up an office with a table, notebook, notepad, toy phone (or real phone with intercom button), laptop, pencils, ruler and calendar. Not forgetting.... envelopes and stickers and even real stamps! You never know when your child starts writing notes and letters to friends and classmates. (PS: I am going to collate mailing address from you soon!) It is easy to setup, try it and have fun with your little one!

Kayden always yearn to go to work with daddy and he has only been to his office once. I could see the 'wow' from Kayden's eyes. He will love to have his little office!

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