Friday, November 22, 2013

Mat YoYo - Studio Production

It was an awesome opportunity for Kayden to visit a TV Station, for the TV show "Mat YoYo"!

I used this clip for his tune-in and some past Mat YoYo shows over YouTube (

Upon reaching Mediacorp, I added that Ch5, Ch8 and OKTO channels were stationed at this Mediacorp building. His facial expression was filled with amazement and wonders! He appreciated all the banners, about the TV shows, on the wall as we entered the lobby area. 

When the Mat YoYo in-charger led the children into Studio 2, he followed and listened well for instructions and even took care of a four-year-old friend, Xuan.
During break time, he shared with me what he had observed and similar to the clip on YouTube. He was definitely amazed by the teamwork of camera men, lights control and host. He used words like 'audience', 'dancers', 'characters' when explaining about the Mat YoYo's performance. After the recording, he asked: "Mummy, did you see me from this TV? I am very well-behaved! I listen to their instructions."

I asked: "Which is the best part of the Mat YoYo recording?"
"The dancing part with them! And the high-five with YoYo and YaYa!" 

Awesome experience!

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