Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Serious Ruler"

How true the horoscope words are for me yesterday > Saturday, February 01, 2014 Your selfless generosity is highlighted today. You want to give and give and give. This is a wonderful impulse, but it may be misguided.

I was too overwhelmed, I know I was wrong to lose my cool over Kayden. Last night, my mind settled and I cried for being sorry for the loud voices and some hurtful words. I started to pray and learning HOW to pray. I told myself to keep that "Serious Ruler" away.

I got "strangled with frustrations" with Kayden's playful attitude towards schoolwork and homework. I lost my cool, I lost my smile, my heart did cry and my "Serious Ruler" appeared to teach him HOW to be serious with important matter than play.  ("Serious Ruler" only touched table.)

I regretted totally! I lost it. I prayed.

I told myself no more appearance of Serious Ruler the next day. Kayden said halfway through his work:" Mommy, you did not use the Serious Ruler today."  My heart cried and melted. What have I done to my lovable boy. 

P1 work for a 6-yo mentality boy in the first month can be really testing and real. More to come.

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