Friday, February 21, 2014

Writing Practices

As Kayden was writing (English), I corrected his strokes.

He asked:

"Who form the letters and words?"

"Who design upper and lower case letters? Some to go on the line, some below and some stretch to top. Why can't we write uppercase 'P' down the line with a bigger curve??? Who design this uppercase and lowercase letters?"

When he was 4yo, I shared with him that it was important to write legibly as others need to read his handwriting. The concept has sunk in and he always feel proud when we are able to read what he writes. Now he asks history and technical questions.

Well, it is important to address his ponders. Children learn much much better after getting an answer from "why" right.... Going to start the story from Eygptian to modern typesetting. My module in Visual Communicstions - Typography- seemed very useful now! Things happen for some reasons. But I have archived all theories in books: baseline, mean-line, x-height, ascender, descender. 

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