Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More Spelling

My way of teaching spelling to Kayden. I just simply cannot use the traditional way on him; I thought I can take the easy way out. And turned out to be a fun way of learning spelling. 

This closure activity is a linked-word drawing. He wrote the sentences independently and he felt proud and confident!

Spelling phases:

1. He picked 6-8 words from list.

2. He learns two new words per day and revised previous words; through phonics, word break and pictorial.

3. We play spelling quizzes anytime of the day and use them as 'password' too.

4. He do repetition writing on lined exercise book.

5. Spelling test at home and reinforce those words that are not spelt correctly.

6. Closure with linked-word drawing -  using most spelling words - to form a funny picture story!

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