Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Little World

I had two interesting conversations with Kayden, regarding school:

1) Lost And Found

Me: Kayden, did you check the stone or Lost & Found area for your water-bottle?

K: it was not on the stone. I saw it at Lost & Found but no time to take!

Me: uh? No time?

K: Ya, Mr Teh walked in front back to class, we walked and as I walked pass the Lost & Found, I saw my water-bottle there on the shelf but no time to take. Tomorrow I will take.

(I gathered that he don't want to leave the group but followed everyone back to class.)

2) Shopping at School

K: today my friend brought me to the bookstore! He helped me buy a stick and he said that I can use it to make puppet. I can make for Hayley! Keep a secret uh.

Me: how much is that puppet stick?

K: $1

Me: your friend helped you? Umm... Using your money or his money?

K: His money!

(Oh my! I better get Kayden to return him $1 tomorrow.)

K: He helped me to buy! I pay him with my money.

(Sounded logical. So I quickly checked his wallet. He only spent on HL milk! Oh my! Better get him to return money to that friend.)

K: See mummy! This stick!

(I had a great laugh inside me. It was one stick from the Pick-up Stick game! I deduced that his friend bought a pack of "Pick-up Stick" for $1 and gave Kayden one stick.)

I explained about the game.

Me: can you buy a packet of Pick-up Sticks from the bookstore tomorrow?

K: No no. I don't know how to buy. They have aeroplanes at bookstore too!!!!!

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