Saturday, October 11, 2014

Project - If You Were One Inch Tall

Incidental learning that I have extended much further than I thought.

Kayden was introduced to storyboarding and video creation:

Extension activities of the poem "If You Were One Inch Tall" by Shel Silverstein.

1) Draw your own perspective
2) Explore various styles of videos on you tube
3) Create own video of one-inch's perspective, using storyboarding:

If You Were One Inch Tall
(Creative and Art Directed by Kayden)

I have used this link on Storyboarding, to share with Kayden.

Kayden's learning points:
1) storyboarding = planning before a video, make pictures into moving pictures 
2) storyboarding for others to see your idea
3) camera angles, frame story (sequence) and zoom in/ out

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